Can a citizen use the police services for some minor legal advice?

Like can I go to the police station for legal advice, or is it not the police duty to give legal advice to citezens?


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  • That's not what the police do. You would be better off going to Legal Aid (or whatever the equivalent public defender service is in your jurisdiction) or a lawyer that offers pro bono consulting than going to the police. The police enforce laws; they do not uphold the legal system.


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  • Go to a lawyer. Usually consultation is free and they charge only after the case but it all depends on the law in your jurisdiction.
    The police is there to stop criminals not give legal advice.

    • Legal advice costs money I think. If the case goes to court it would cost much more then.

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    • I can't believe.

    • Well your belief or lack thereof on the laws in Canada is irrelevant. Talk to someone about your legal situation

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  • That's not what police do.

    They can probably get you connected with a lawyer, though.


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  • I wouldn't suggest it... They can say anything... They are legally allowed to lie.. I once had a cop tell me its good to sell drugs, and its ok if those drugs kill someone