Anyone els like samurais?

i love samurais i love their cult i love their armor i just love everything about them i know all about them all clans i just purchased a katana for 440 euro Sharp it can cut through anything


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  • I find that culture fascinating. I do like the armor style and weapon styles. I'd like a katana some day! All I have at the moment is a medieval sword.

    • I have Aragorns sword and a nazgul sword they are good sharpen. I searched for Samurai armor and it Cost like 5k with a flag in the bag of your clans choice SHUT UP AND TAKE MY HOUSE!

    • Very cool swords! I always wanted Arwen's elvish blade.
      That's a lot of money, but if you can save up to get it, might be cool to display it.

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  • I love their culture yeah, I personally enjoy reading about their Bushido code though. Not to mention their armor is bloody epic looking.

  • They're cool 💁🏻 I guess

    • they carried two katanas with them in battles one for the battle and one for suicide if they fail in battle