Im 15 & at a spa/sauna. You have to be naked to go in the shower/bath/pool (where women can see you). Should I get over my insecurities and do it?


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  • I am surprised there is not an option to wear a costume - Check it out

    • There isn't :o

    • Okay first thing I would say is do it but only you are comfortable and happy doing it, I know it is a mixed message but if you can do it, do it.

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • Just do it, no one will judge you. Your only 15 it will be fine


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  • I would never do that, if I had to go naked where there were other men (or women).

    It's entirely up to you.

    • I can't decide. I feel like i owe it to myself to do it but i am beyond insecure about my body

    • If you are just insecure about your body, then I think you should go ahead.

      As for me, it's a different thing. I'm not insecure about my body, but I just don't want random strangers looking at my naked body.

    • Maybe... But like i shaved down there. I don't know if i want my mom or sister to see/know that

  • I say just go for it, in a suana you won't be able to see clearly anyway so won't be as bad


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  • No but it sounds fun lol

    • I'm tempted but my mom and sister are here xD

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    • I shave down there... I don't know if i want them to see/know that

    • They know what a vag looks like girl. They're not gonna give a damn. Your sister probably shaves too. Maybe even your mom