Is it a turn-on if a girl learned something you are interested in?

For example: this guy I like is interesting in American football (not common in my country) and he was taking a test to see if he could name all the teams - which he could. Before, I only knew two teams (bears and packers) because of a tv show. But now I can name all 32 nfl teams.

Would you as a guy think it's cool that I learned them all even though I don't watch it, or does it come off an desperate?


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  • No just that you want to know about things he is interested in, I would find that cute


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  • I think if you only liked me (if you had a crush on me), I would think of it as kinda desperate. I would want you to be interested in it a little bit because it's something that is important to me but you wouldn't have to be knowledgable about it. If you were my girlfriend, I would make a distinction between: does it actually interest you or is it something you're only learning to impress me. If it was something that genuinely interested you, I would definitely love it. I mean, who doesn't like partners with similar interests? But it's important the interest would really be authentic... meaning: you might also have gotten into it without getting to know me. If, on the other hand, you were my girlfriend and you would just learn it in order to please me I wouldn't like it. I would think it's kinda weird and yes, desperate. In my opinion, it's totally okay to have some interests in a relationship that don't match your partner's interests. We're all individuals, so we can't possibly go crazy for all the same stuff. For example in my relationship, there are certain interests my girlfriend and me share. We're both into movies and we're enjoy discussing new movies or movie actors etc.. We're also both into literature and a few other things. And then, there are interests that only I have and interests that only my girlfriend has. For example we both study subjects from the realms of liberal arts but I am also into natural sciences such as astronomy. That's something that doesn't interest my girlfriend and I'm totally fine with that. It can also be nice if you sit next to each other on the couch, doing different stuff :-).

  • It depends on how you divulge your knowledge... do it a little here and a little there but ensure he knows you're also a fan of the NFL.


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