How to not be depressed with all the shit going on in the world today?

I'm not going to argue with those "Yo sholdn't coro bocoso it doosn't offoct yo" people. Everything affects you in some way. I didn't really know what "offended" meant until in Fall 2015 ISIS hit Paris and shit went downhill. The general opinions about Muslims are rotten to the core, I don't even fight against it anymore. People are so afraid they're ready to vote for Nazis like that Le Pen. People get hurt, people got hurt before. They're like, "let's push this hijabi woman in front of a moving train because that's how I cope with anger and sadness."


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  • Current news is bad, and i know, i've been battling with this for weeks, but you have to remember who you are in all of this, how it effects you and how you can deal with it, and remember the good in the world, there have been tonnes of floods in the North of the UK, and i hear about it all the time, but what gives me hope is seeing toehrs helping each other, there was an elderly couple stuck in a car and about to drown and a passing lorry driver saved them, near the english/scottish border, a nursing home was badly hit, it's lower floor was completely flooded and they were out of power, and everyone in the local area immediately got food and supplies to them to help them. in the Paris attacks the positive reactions made me cry, everyone working together, feeling the pain and mourning for France, although a great tragedy, everyone got together and felt each other's sorrow, and that was incredible. we aren't bad people at the core, and although bad things are happening, it's always good to know there are people everywhere doing good.

    • Yeah, they give me hope. Thanks.


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  • Umm.. Not quite following.. Are you a muslim in france? Or just french? But seriously, just take care of yourself.. U should go a week without any news and just live YOUR life.. News will drive you crazy if u listen to it too much.. And all things will pass with time... Just take some you time, and not stress over other peoples problems if you can

    • I live in Turkey and I'm an atheist. What drives me crazy is all the people having crazy ideas about people I know who are completely normal people living normal lives.

      Thank you, I really appreciate your comment.

  • People are fucking stupid

    You can't hold the world accountable for the actions of one man

  • Read some history, this is about the best time to be alive ever in the history of humanity for the average person. Not that it's saying a lot.

    • I know, I know. But bad things still happen a lot. Stupid people don't change.

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