Why do I become clingy when I'm talking to an attractive girl?

I become very clingy and attached to attractive girls for some reason. I would be texting them and once they don't reply back, I keep on texting to make them text. And once I give them a break, I have the urge to talk to them more. Help me


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  • I hear ya. Even when I'd be talking to a multiple amount of girls, I'd find myself putting more effort into the ones I was more attracted to/more interested in. Usually, I'd ruin my chances with it but it all depends on the level of interest on their end too.

    For example if a girl I like is showing lots of interest and effort then it's ok to do an equal amount. But if she's not really putting much effort in, then I minimize my effort so I don't look clingy or overly interested.

  • You could try talking to several attractive girls simultaneously

    • That's what I do all the time. I always find that one girl.

    • Probably just a matter of experience and not getting too excited

  • Keep yourself busy then you won't be clingy.