Would you have a child out of wedlock?

lets say your out of school of any kind you have your dream, life figured out and you found out your pregnant but not marry to your boyfriend who impregnated you, he also wants to be a dad and he would be a good father. would you have the child or not and explain why?

I am planning to have kids when I get marry but more and more I want to have kids out of wedlock is it a good idea?

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  • Yes, absolutely. My long-term girlfriend and me are both not exactly traditional and we both can't see the big deal about getting married. The only reason we will get married in a few years is because my girlfriend is from another country and my country Switzerland has very strict immigration laws. If we don't get married, she wouldn't receive a green card and we'd constantly have to worry that she might get kicked out of the country at any moment.
    But although we will get married, we might actually have our first child before that. Like @Cmasterson said, I don't believe that some piece of paper changes anything. My girlfriend and me are not religious, so we won't marry in church anyway. And frankly, I don't need the government to sanction my relationship. If two people love each other before getting married, they will love each other afterwards too and if they have relationship problems before getting married, they will still have these problems after getting married as well.
    I also don't think that school should necessarily be a hindrance to have children (I'm not talking about high school, I mean some sort of higher education such as university). For example in the case of my girlfriend and me, we will probably have our first child when we are both still students. I don't really see a big problem with that. I know some people believe it doesn't work but I think it's also a matter of priority and organzing yourself well. Of course we wouldn't have a lot of money if we're still students but then again, babies also don't cost a lot. My dad once told me "Children only become expensive as they become older. Babies don't cost you much... except time and nerves". I think if a couple has enough money to have a dog for instance, they can also have a baby instead. Together with the money we'd get from the government for the baby, I think that would work (and tuition fees are not as high in my country as in America or the UK). My parents also didn't have any money for the first 3-4 years but later, they ended up doing fine. Of course it was tough and they couldn't go on vacation and that kind of stuff but if you're willing to make a sacrifice, it definitely works.


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  • Yes because I really want kids and a family of my own


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  • Yes, because my family isn't going to be defined by a piece of legal documented paper. If my boyfriend and I are in a stable place to have a child, I don't see what the difference would be if we were married or not, if we lived together we'd still be common law, and some of the same legal rules apply to marriages.

    I don't think you should exactly desire to, however if it happens then it happens! If you and your boyfriend have agreed you don't want to be married but have a family then okay.

  • I wouldn't plan or try to have a child outside of marriage. But if I happened to get pregnant by accident, I would definitely keep the child. Doing otherwise just isn't an option.

  • uh no, I'm gonna get an abortion.

  • No. Its against my religion and personal principles.