Why do I feel so lonely and depressed?

I feel so lonely and depressed. seriously CTL (Crisis Talk Line) is my new bestfriend. Why do I feel this way?


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  • You tell me, what's going on in your life? You don't need to call ctl. I will listen to you, but I can't tell you Why you are feeling this way without you giving me a look into your life. You don't have to do it on here in public for people see either.

    • nothing's really going on in my life. I love pretty simple. I go to college, work, and that's about it. I hang out with people too

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    • I sent you a kik message

    • Haha you gave me Best answer But you ignored me. Lol I'm shocked

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  • Well it's something you have to ask yourself, are you socially active? Keeping busy through out the day etc? Sad about anything?

    • yes I am, I go to college regularly. I work 5 days a week.. I'm not lonely throughout the day, it's at night is when it comes flooding in..

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    • I found it pretty helpful, haha. I really don't know, it's hard to focus. I lay in bed trying to fall asleep for hours. I lay in bed at about 8:30pm, and I probably fall asleep around 12:30 - 1:00.

    • Maybe try reading before bed, or a nice bath.


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  • PM me if you want to talk

  • I second KDA20. PM if you wanna talk about it.

  • so you gonna fil the loneliness

  • Mental illness, thy name is woman

    • I'm pretty sure I don't have a mental illness, love.

    • pretty sure you are. Don't flirt with me

    • What you're going through is not normal. First, the feelings. Second, the fact that you don't know why.

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  • There's many reasons for Depression and various severity levels. I was depressed but I knew it was my circumstances at the time causing it. I turned to self-help and although it was a struggle , i managed to conquer my depression.

    Depression is so debilitating, you become the "prisoner" & the '" cruel jailer". Some people have been strong on their own for far too long, so need extra support from a therapist

    Although I'm surrounded by family & friends I do feel lonely at times, because they can't relate to how I feel or what I'm going/ been through. I tend not to talk to them now about how I feel , because it's a case of they hear me, but they don't understand

    So there's many reasons why you feel that way, you need to find the root cause so you can conquer it. You may need professional help to encourage & support you too ❤

    • thank you, so much! that was very encouraging💓 xo

    • You are very welcome! I wish you all the best 😊💟