Is it fair to assume he isn't interested?

So since its over a dating app i never took it too serious, but then again i have never talked to a guy on dating app for this long and after a week i was hoping maybe this one actually wanted to go on a date. And to start with i never thought it would go on for as long as 2 weeks, because normally i'll talk to a guy for just a few days, sometimes just a few hourse before either one of us dont respond or that the guy asks me to come over to his place.

Anyway, im hate wasting time on guys who either aren't interested in meeting or in something serious in genereal. Last time we spoke was 4 days ago when he said "I hope you enjoy yourself and talk to you later" and i said "thanks, you too! and yes we do :)". I haven't heard from since then and i can't decide if i should just assume he lost interest or not or if he just forgot (at one point I used 2 days to reply because i just forgot to answer) or something.



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  • It's safe to assume yes. Don't waste any more of your time with him and find someone else you for ya

    • Yeah... even though I didn't like him that much, it still sucks.. he is Just one of many guys Who seems to lose interest in me.. its a bit hard not to feel like its something "wrong " with me

    • Nothing is wrong with you; you just haven't met the guy that's for you

    • I know... its just a little hard sometimes

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  • Well maybe ask him... If he want a to date you! If not than move on or hey you made a new friend.

    • I could, but when its kinda obvious he isn't interested its no point

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    • How do you know?

    • Who knows... could be something. But than again I much of a dreamer than a realistic kinda of person! It just sucks! Take care. xoxo from the Queen!

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  • lost interest

    • Well.. im not suprised