Which viewpoint do you agree with?

  • there is one 'I'; one self
    43% (3)0% (0)30% (3)Vote
  • there are many 'I's; many selves
    29% (2)67% (2)40% (4)Vote
  • there is no self
    28% (2)33% (1)30% (3)Vote
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Here are some quotes to think about:
“The personal self…is not an absolute that exists monolithically, to be found in some distinct and unchanging form or location... Deep and careful investigation reveals no single, all-encompassing ‘I.’ The ‘I’ as an inherently existing entity, independent of conceptual designation, is empty.”
"There are many I's in you, many egos. In the morning one I, in the afternoon another I, in the evening a third I, but you never become aware of this mess - because who will become aware of it? There is not a center that can become aware."


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  • There is no "I" in team. But there is a "u" in cunt.

  • The corrrect answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE.