Is my car offputting?

So I picked up a chick at a bar last night, and we left to go to my car (yeah yeah drink driving is bad, we know), and she made an excuse and left when she saw it... It's the one in my picture. What's the deal? Is my car pussy repellent? Usually I get cabs so I've never driven a girl to my place in it before. Is this gonna happen a lot?


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  • IM just not used to cars like that. So I'd be a little put off.

    • Shit. Looks like I need a new daily. :D

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    • Sometimes leaving your comfort zone can be fun. Those fat-cat types tend to be fiercely arrogant, materialistic and unpleasant. Then again, what do I know, my entire car probably cost less than his monthly payment. :P

    • Actually, from my experiences, most if the arrogant, materialistic guys I've come across were not the guys im involved with.

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  • i kind of don't think so. perhaps she just changed her mind. got cold feet about it. decided she was nervous about getting in a car with someone who'd been drinking.

    but i suppose it could be the car. frankly though if a girl is going to make a decision about a guy as a person based on the car they drive they aren't worth your time

    • Just a hookup, the time factor doesn't really concern me haha. I hope it's just that she saw I was wrecked and thought better of it. I don't wanna be driving a tin of vagoo repellent, obviously. :D

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    That should answer your question.

    If tldr; your car chased her away.

    • Time to buy an E30 then I reckon.

    • Either that or she just changed her mind, because once she saw the car it became "too real"

    • @M_A_X Yeah I had been thinking that, but then I considered that I was out in a suit looking classy as shit. In retrospect I don't think a woman expects a man in a suit to drive an old piece of shit. :D
      I hope it's just that she pussied out though.

  • A Mazda MX5 as they are known in my country. If any woman is put off by the type of car a guy drives then she is shallow and not worth the man's time and effort in the first place.

    • Yeah, she was a one-night stand, who cares if she's shallow? I just don't want more flakeouts like this, haha

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    • Yeah, you're right. I did a kind of experiment. I went into a bar, 9PM, Saturday night, wearing ripped jeans and an old Motorhead shirt. Got one number. Following Saturday, did the exact same but wearing an Armani suit and a (fake) Rolex. Got 7 numbers.

    • Yup and women are much more rude to innocent men that have done nothing to them to. I am currently pissed off with a girl myself.

  • Is that a Miata? Isn't that a female car?

    • Yes it's a Miata, hairdressers car, blah blah. Heard it 1000 times.

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    • Fucking Honda... If anything I'd get a Civic, but realistically my next car's gonna be an E30

    • It's funny that people are so ready to stereotype others that even the clothes you wear and the car you drive can make you gay

  • In my opinion, Miatas are cool. My friend got one. And if a girl turn you down for how your car looks like then she must be a golddigger, not worth your time and you probably deserve better.

    • She was just a hookup so I don't care about that, I just don't want this to be a regular thing because, y'know, it's a waste of a hookup... :D

    • Haha I get you, well I can't speak for the hookups but me personally, I like your car.

    • Thanks man. Good to know I'm not the only guy who thinks they're cool cars. :D

  • It's a hairdressers car

    • Yeah, but the whole car probably cost what your monthly car payment is... And it drifts like a shopping cart. :D

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    • No sweat bro, arguing over cars is a daily occurrence for me in real life anyway. :D
      I drove a Camaro once, and it was a little sluggish and cumbersome to be honest. The Miata might not stack up in terms of power, but it's light and nimble and goes where you tell it to, instantly.
      To be honest whenever I take a girl on a drive I end up being cocky and getting the tail out. Then again the girls I drive with also own drift cars, so they don't care. :D
      You not from USA?

    • That's cool at least the girls like drifting then. I'm in the UK, I have a 3L V6 which over here is a pretty big engine. We have a society that want small eco cars. I prefer bikes anyway so it's not too bad

  • Cunt repellent

    • Thought so. Fuck's sake...

    • I gotta be honest, that car, and I know how great they are autocrossing, puts off a 'boy' vibe... Most modified cars do.

    • Looks like it's time to bite the bullet and buy a slightly classier daily.

  • I remember when those came out. They were totally not 'girl' cars at the time. Sports cars were generally more popular then.

    Then at some point everyone decided that only near-military-vehicles were manly.

    • Yeah. 'Muh Silverado, brah'. 'Muh V8'. I personally think the Miata's a fantastic little car. Mine's 26 years old and still runs perfect with 250000 miles on the counter. Even with the slammed suspension and drift camber, it handles like a dream and rides surprisingly well.

      Alas, these facts go unnoticed by the Chevy driving alphadogs who think the only thing that matters is displacement.