Do you ever liked someone and then after a while you realize they are not attractive at all?

I used to like this guy and then it just faded off and all of a sudden he says that he likes me and I found him ugly and i don't why. For some reason he seemed so annoying to me and everything he did too.


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  • Yes, it's possible that attraction can be forged through institutional forces, such as being "the lesser of two evils" or "the only young guy in the office full of old buzzards".

    Proximity breeds attraction, because people close to us represent our pool of potential partners. Being the best candidate in one pool doesn't make him the best elsewhere.

    My previous job had a girl who stood out for this reason. She was young and seemed nice. She was by comparison, the best candidate in the pool.

    Now that I quit that job, I realize she wasn't all that pretty, she had a kid (teen mom), she wasn't all that smart (she didn't understand a few of my gestures), and she will probably be overbaked in 10 years.

    Bullet dodged. The crazy thing is, in those conditions I wanted her.

  • No. It hasn't happened to me.


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  • Yea indeed thanks god