What is the best way to punch someone?

Don't worry this is for story reference, although might come in use someday. But how do you punch someone without hurting your hand or at least not serverly? And also how would you describe it in the story?


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  • Keep your wrist straight. When you make your hand into a fist, make sure your thumb is curled underneath your fingers (never just sticking out, or inside your curled fingers, because then it could break.)
    Start with your palm facing up or in toward your body, then at the last second before impact, rotate your fist so your palm is facing downward (the extra rotation adds some power). And keep your back straight, and rotate your hips and legs, not your back. Your back/shoulders will naturally move as you punch, but the power should travel up from your hips, not from lunging your shoulder.
    See the guy on the right, how his hips and fists rotate, that's where most power comes from.

    • (Well technically the power comes all the way up from the legs, and from your whole body if you're doing it right). But anyhow good luck with your writing!

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    • You're welcome! :) Glad it helped, and thanks for the MHO

    • no problem and you helped a lot :D


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  • if you want to get off first throw a Jab and you will land the punch first, if you use speed and throw it tight right down the middle no loading up or punching wide you will land it

  • "What is the best way to punch someone?" Umm, you want to plant your foot, cock back, aim and lean into the punch while slinging that baby (punch) at full speed.

    Make sure you aim for #Bone so they can get the full effect of your punch.

    • Oh yeah, make sure you wrist isn't stiff nor turns while you're jaw jacking their ass... and ya should be all good to go

  • Its all in the wrist angle, feet placement, and the follow through... Always aim past the target.
    Look up a video about throwing the perfect punch, but make sure it fits with the character in your story, Is he a trainer boxer or whatnot.


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  • You swing with your whole body. You twist your feet, hips, chest all the way to the fist. And I heard that you need to have the mindset of punching Through the target and not just at the target