Think of the weirdest scenario?

@sweethomicidalqueen asked something and giraffes making love to fruits was a weird thing I thought about. What do you think? What's weirder than that? I wanna know what's inside those weird and creepy souls of gag.


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  • Wow, you are asking me for weirdness?, holy dumprolls. Which I dont even know what is, I dont even know what is is. Is you here? am I here? who knows, except the person who knows, he knows. Is there really any scenario that is weird enough? reality is weird. So maybe something from my own warped mind. I ponder about many things.

    I pondered if our universe is inside a black hole. That it is a black hole. I know scientist have theorist that all the mass that get sucked into it has to go somewhere, what if that is the origin of our own "big bang" even though I personally dont believe in the big bang theory. But say it is like that, could that have been the creation of our known universe. Cause it seems like black holes bend reality as we know it. Like it breaks into another universe or dimension. An if size is in a loop like this then we wouldn't really know how big or small our known universe actually is. We wouldn't actually know at all no matter what. Cause with like computers. Matter can exsist in larger size than the actual size, a bigger room inside a room, like on Doctor who, but this already exsist in the computer world when you think about compressed files. Which in that case again, our universe could basically be a necklace on some alien being that walks around. Not to mention again if time travel would be possible in the future it already exsist in the past. Cause every even that we live now can be the cause from a future time travel. Wait I was supposed to be weird, not give people headaches!. Got dang it!.

    But lets throw random thoughts around. I pondered about religion as well. Although im not a religious person. And please no hate, just gatorade. I kinda thought about Jesus for example, and kinda thought it was funny, that in many ways he was against christinaity. In that days society, the current belief or form conflicted with his but at their time they followed older teachings of what is today is known and belong to christianity. Which is just funny to think about, its called christianity as a belief following "christ" but christ was against "christ",

    Now the most important part. The Evil pink bunnies.

    They lurk behind every corner.. watching.. rubbing their cute little nosess.. NO... dont give in to the tempation. Its only a mask to hide their true evil. Imagine a future where the pink bunny generals have enslaved humanity. A world where internet is just their tool.. where they limit my comment to 2500 digits, got dangit gag!!.

  • Peaceful solitude or loneliness?

  • If a guy could get a boner when dead could he orgasm if someone immediately jerked him off right when the boner happened and they'd have an afterlife orgasm?

    Does coffee really cool down after going down a giraffes throat or am I just always thinking about myself?

    Who's Nala's father in The Lion King? The only male lions were Mufasa, Simba's dad, and Scar...

  • Did you know everytime you open your mouth you swallow a lot of dead human skin?

  • you making a post that doesn't make me say your name "WhatTheHellAmy" :P


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