Are English women boring?

Well I'm really extroverted and have a crazy sense of humour you know how they say Latinos are comical they got nothing on me.
Well I want someone similar to me, the English or Anglophone (US, Canada aus, nz) women I been interacting with seem flat and dull even when they were at their funniest I like some aspects of their traits like they are caring and like to take an interest in a person.

Arghh want me a dope English bird lol


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  • Some are, some aren't lol.
    ^^ really helping there aye 😂


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  • Well modern English people mostly subscribe to a form of sense of humour which is called banter. Most other countires don't get it and are usually insulted by it. It's an intelligent, fast pased and insulting form of humour so I'm sure you'll never be bored. But even it enlgbad they are people who don't get it or are too sensitive for it.

    • Paced* England* sorry typing on my phone haha

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    • I watched the inbetweeners and even the film. where they go on holiday I find their banter to be like 90%sexual inuendos and swear words lol nothing witty and cheeky which is my style of humour

    • Well mate you need to remember everyone has their own styles. The purpose of banter isn't to entertain it's too annoy the person it directed at. Anything that isn't about annoying someone would just be normal British humour really. Banter is just about playfully and lightheartedly making fun of someone

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