Embarrassed myself? What would you guys think?

Are u guys flattered when a girl makes eye contact with you while talking and turns a little pink?
I just met this guy. He was asking me some questions and looked at me. When I looked at him, I pretty much forgot what i was talking about because his eyes were really nice and I kind of blushed when I noticed I was staring. He was really close to me soo it was obvious he saw that. What would you guys think about this?
by the way He just smiled at me and continued talking to me. I guess he pretended not to notice it.


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  • We can usually tell when you are hot for us. I once met a girl (her BD is today, BTW) who was like that upon seeing me. When became a couple, but it didn't last. Still, it is nice to be found attractive by the opposite sex.

    • Yeahh i guess he got the hint when I started being awkward with him. Hahah hopefully it wasn't too obvious

  • Lol yes I would be flattered hoping to continue to be able to talk to her

    • Yeahh.. just don't know if he thinks im attractive. He did seem flattered and he showed confidence

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    • Your not bugging at all. I like people to answer my questions as well. but anyways it's really lookinglike there should be a connection, GOOD LUCK!

    • Aww thank you sooo much. Really appreciate it:)

  • Cute AF op. Id get your number.

    • Im totally embarrassed. When I talked to him in the beginning, I wasn't really making sense and I kept repeating myself. Haha totally had no confidence at all but it got a lot better... not really good. Hahah I don't know his friend said "are u going to ask her?" When he walked away but Im not sure who he's talking about.

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    • OP you look cute af in your pic. You got tongue tied in front of the guy.. you wanted him lol. They were talking about you. I don't know why the guy didn't get your number.

    • Aww thank you but obviously everyone has their own type. Hah im probably bugging you but tomorrow might be the last time I get to talk to him so that's why Im kind of freaking out about it. Hopefully IF he is interested, he'll get tomorrow­čśŐ

  • I would tease her and ask her why she's blushing aha but yea I'd like it

    • Omgg i would literally die if a guy did that to me. Hahah hopefully I didn't make it obvious

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