If your pet dog starting displaying it's teeth and growling, what's the best way to deal with it?

If you'd had him since a pup and was now 4yrs old, and had never showed aggression before - all of a sudden for some reason he started growling and displaying it's teeth.

Only when he's eating chewing on his chew toys , or seemed to want his own way... e. g. he's not allowed on the couch but growls if I tell him to get down. can he be trained not to do this?
If  your pet dog starting displaying it's teeth and growling,  what's the best way to deal with it?


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  • He thinks he's in charge. If you aren't experienced with this sort of thing, I would hire a professional trainer to fix the problem. When a dog threatens his own family, that's a serious problem (even more so than if he threatens strangers, , etc).


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  • Step 1: Kill the dog
    Step 2: Get a cat

    • Lol aww nooo. Besides I hate cats.

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  • I've recently had a dog do that to me, it probably sensed my fear. I would avoid eye contact and ignore them, I agree that you should get a professional, I don't know what your dog is like but it could bite. I've been bit twice by my friend's dog because he gets scared easily it was really annoying because he would constantly nip me or bite when I tried to move away so I've been bias against dogs ever since and they can sense that.

    • Judah he's just started to do this. I honestly can't think why. To be honest, I try not to show fear but it does scare me. All his fur stands up on his back and his ears go right back when he shows his teeth. I agree with you because it scares me , I can't trust that he won't bite He probably will. Thank you for your advice

    • Yeah!*** not Judah

  • Immediately talk in a very low voice and command him releasing the toy or to sit down. And don't back down no matter what. It's a dominance thing and make sure the dog knows they won't win.

    • Thanks! Yeah he seems to be acting very domineering lately. I honestly don't know why he's changed so quickly