What were your highs and lows for the day?

High- At lunch I sit at a table of girls who grew up together and a foreign exchange student that they've befriended. I just moved here after moving away for a few years so we're trying to rebuild our friendships. These girls like to buy eachother gifts and show affection, and I'm usually left out of that since we haven't been friends for long enough yet. However, today the foreign exchange student (who I;ve only heard talk twice out of the two months I've been here) gave me earrings like the other girls. I was so happy I could have cried.

Low- I don't have many friends here since I just moved back and I used to be bullied a lot. I met this guy who is pretty cool. He's funny and has been nice enough so far, and he shares my taste in music (AMAZING.) I was so happy, I FINALLY MADE A FRIEND! Then later he messaged me on facebook.
Him: Hey hun
Me: Hey, what's up?
Him: Talking to a cute girl
Me: Cool, who?
Him: u

He then went on to try and convince me that he likes me soooo much, even though he literally just learned my name TODAY. He also asked fo rmy cousin's facebook (she doesn;t have one) at the same time he asked for mine. But he claimed that he wasn't going to say that same thing to my cousin,, which wasn't very believable. It hurt my feelings a lot, I was so excited to have a friend who liked me for me, and who I could relate to. (All of the girls at the table like Anime and Japanese pop music, I like Spongebob and Metal/rock, we don't have very long conversations.)

How about you guys?


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  • High - Progress Low - State of the world.


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  • High: took a short nap, and ate delicious burgers made by the husband
    Lows: I am a stay at home mom and I stress out about my 3 year old arguing with me on everything from not wanting to wear a certain pants, he changes his clothes multiple times a day, to not wanting to eat what I made, and I end up making 3 or more different options for him. I feel unappreciated and disrespected. I am working on it... at least I think I am.

    • Try training bad behavior with a toy being taken until he makes up for it. If you know he loves a specific toy take it "captive" and tell him the only way to rescue his toy from the evil dungeon is to do whatever thing he should do at that time like play nicely for an hour or something. I did this when I baby sat my neighbor's kids and they saw it as a game that promoted good behavior. If it doesn't work try some mommy-blogs if he keeps acting up without any improvement! I'm sure you're a great mother and that he loves you very much, he probably just doesn't get it yet :)

  • high: had hot chocolate

    low: charger has stopped charging :(

  • Highs: had an amazing day with yoga today and face timed with my best friend
    Lows: had an MRI of my whole brain today🙈

  • High is that I saw my sister and I haven't seen her in awhile low is that I'm stressing and freaking out because soon after two years I find out what is going to happen to the guy who killed my aunt

  • Highs - Cake! I know it's a lame high but I had a lame day.
    Low - Cold sore on my lip :(