Wjats a good way to get yourself to have a good cry?

its a long story about a girl thats also my bestfriend and i just need to get it out but no matter how close i get i can never get past the wall of letting out a lot of tears haha its only ever a couple and i really just want a lot right now, how do i do that


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  • look at her pictures. listen to music that reminds you of her, or lay down in the dark and think of her and how you two will never be together

    • im going to combine all that and videos of me and her together and hope for the best haha thank you

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    • awwww wish I could give you a hug :(

    • thanks haha im usually reallt good at bottling it but hey its gotta get out eventually


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  • You have to find something that will unexpectedly trigger your sadness. Of course, since it's supposed to be unexpected what can u do, right? Anyway, maybe your heart is stronger than u thought it was. Eventually ig it's meant for u to cry, u will. And I hope u do sooner than later cuz having that sort of thing built up in your heart isn't a good thing. I've been there myself and I always ended up blowing up at the worst times. Smh

  • Watch a love story movie. Gets me everytime.


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