How much money should I have saved up at 21? I have 2k? Is that a good amount?

I don't want to hear statements regarding expenses and all that fun stuff, I just want a blunt amount. Thanks.

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  • Depends on the country you live in. Here that's a decent sum of money, in the West that ain't nearly as much.


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  • If you haven't put away at least several million by now, you might as well just slice off your own head and hollow it out with s spoon.

  • When I was your age, I would have said that wasn't very much. When I was 21, I put down a $10,000 cash down payment on a new car. But with today's economic conditions, I'd say that's a good start. Just keep on saving. By the time you are 30, ideally you want $1,000 saved for each year you've lived, in addition to any retirement savings plan.

  • Take my vote with a grain of salt I guess. I'm a financial nut with three retirement funds over 10k. Just try and put away a little more and in different areas other than a savings account.


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