Why are a lot of mixed people racist towards white?

Not all - but a lot. There is this mixed guy in my class who looks more white than anything. He has green eyes, curly hair, freckles, and white skin. I told my friend to tell him I thought he was cute and he laughed and said "I don't want no cave bitches." Then he posted a status saying, he only liked black and mixed girls. There is another mixed guy in my class who looks like a a lot of other mixed people. Tan skin, curly hair (fade) and light brown eyes. We were talking about race in class and I called him a "white boy" jokingly and he said "i ain't no fucking white " I said, "should i call you black?" He said, "yeah but dont call me white." I asked him if he dated white girls and he said "no because he's not about to white wash his bloodline. Even Drake too, every girlfriend Drake has, has been a black or mixed woman. Not once, has he dated a white girl.


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  • I don't think we are racist towards white.

    • Do you date white girls?

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    • So, how come you didn't decide to date white girls first when your mother is white?

    • Not sure. I just date other mixed people for the most part. I have had some white girls interested though.

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  • I don't think either of the people you mentioned as examples were being racist towards white people.

    If they're half white though, they may choose to identify more with the culture of their 'other half', because more than once I've heard halfies who identify as more white as being looked down on by family/friends of their other race. For 'abandoning their true culture', things like that.

    I mean, I jokingly will sometimes call my boyfriend a banana for how white-washed he is. But I guess with mixed people, they might be called things like that in more of a derogatory context especially if they choose to identify as white more often than black/Asian, etc..


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  • Usually I've noticed it being the opposite. I typically see mixed people more racist towards people who aren't white.


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  • They're not racist because they don't want to date white girls. I'm mixed, I don't find white boys attractive at all, I'm not racist I just don't like the look. I just love the look of brown skin more and find it much more attractive, it's not racist.