How can I get a better relationship with my mother?

My mum and I used to have a great relationship but after my parents got a divorce things between us have been pretty rough... I have tried to talk to her but it doest go well but I really wanna be good with her.
What do I do?


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  • There must be a reason. Did you blame her for the divorce or did she accepted you to be more supportive of her? I'm not saying this is the reason but you are going to have to give more info b4 you can get advice.

    • I didn't blame her... i took it very well.. at first we were great its now about 1 year later that this has happened. I know the divorce has really changed her because she is a little sad but I dont knnow what to do,,,

    • Just spend more time with her, she probably really hurt inside and divorce isn't something you just get over. It may take some time but don't force anything, just be there for her and hopefully you guys would be back to normal. Good luck

    • Thank you so much.. MHO.
      :) :)

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  • Be kind to her. This may go without saying, but your kindness has a huge impact on your relationship together. Don't yell at her right away when things don't go accordingly. Instead, remain calm and nice when explaining that she has done something you don't like or don't want her to do again.

    • Thank you so much... very helpful :)

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