Is having a "serious" personality a bad thing?

I heard my roommates talking about me. Not exactly talking shit, but commenting. They said I'm always so serious. I realize I come off that way to people a lot. But the ones that know me longer or more closely know that I have another side that is sillier. I accept myself, but it is hard at times dealing with it 😔. Especially when it comes to guys too.


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  • Serious personality is cool with me. I'm actually quite tired of the same ol' same ol'. A serious girl would be a breath of fresh air honestly. People who can't handle it or think it's weird are surface level people and have not much to offer or give. I would say, Peace!


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  • They don't know your life and what makes you YOU. So let them say whatever. I have also been called the way too serious person and men stayed away from me after giving that "criticism" too. It's fine. I am sorry I can't just laugh at random if they are not funny or act like a twit to make them feel like I "take myself lightly." I have had a very hard life. If you can't take it, just leave me be to be myself.


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  • Hey,

    Not that long ago this sentence really "sunk" on me

    Fuck the others, I'll just get my own shit done well.

    Afterwards, I understood this : in the end, the others just think as much about themselves as we do, so why the hell should I loose so much time worrying about shit?

    Tbh I feel so different now, like a badass ahaha


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  • It can turn to bad but also good. That means your unique trait so embrace it