Should I run away?

my family is great and all dont get me wrong but my whole life has been going down the drain... im 17 never kissed a girl or been at a party but recently (10 months ago) I've started body building and I've gotten big (5'7, 160lbs 10%body fat) but thats the only good in my life... i NEED adventure i can't because my parents are stricked and dontr let me go out unless its to a friends house and i still have to be home by 11... what do i do? im really despret right now i feel like the best years of my life are being wasted


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  • You have your entire life ahead of you. No need to run away. Besides, what exactly do you expect would happen if you run away? You would be homeless, likely with very little money, probably nowhere to go. People would be looking for you and your parents would be worried. In my opinion THAT would be wasting your life because there's literally nothing you could do.

    • he could join the military while still in their house then leave, im in the same situation but cnt have friends. what do u think

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    • i mean being a teen isn't this supposed to be the highlight of adventure before i have to get a job and be a slave of the government for the rest of my life..

    • Not at all.

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  • i am in the same situations, im actually 17 and want to join military (navy bc non combat) because of that. Im not allowed to go to friends house. Upvote for same situation! I don't know and lets see what others think. I say think before you leave (how will u pay for your lifestyle u dnt wanna be a bum!

    • ill be a stripper lol XD

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    • channing tatum did it now he's famous

    • he put in a LOT of work, stripping isn't a reliable job


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  • Just wait, you are almost 18, leave then. My parents are strict, I can't even go to friends' houses, but I don't want to mess things up with my parents so I would not run away. I would just move out on good terms if I was you.

  • Ok where are you going to go, you need a job to pay for things like a roof over your head and food. You will not want to stay on the streets. It's too dangerous for starters. Think about it. Yes life is hard and will always be hard but we survive and become stronger with every hardship we encounter. You won't be 17 forever and your parents are looking out for the 30 yr old you not the teenager right now. Be wise.

  • Don't run away, u'd break ur parents hearts, u just gotta tell them, u wanna travel, and it's gonna happen, but don't threaten on leaving or actually leaving. They'll be so broken worrying everyday about u. My parents are prolly more strict than urs, but if I wanna go somewhere, I tell them, I'm going somewhere with my friends, and I will go no matter what. U know? :)

    • If I say I'm going no matter what I'll get my ass kicked

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    • lmao XD

    • Ey, that ain't funny... I'ma kick ur ass lol

  • you'll have all the freedom when you move away to college :)

    • ... im not allowed living in a dorm they made me pick a close college

    • nah when your 18 you can do w. e the fuck you want to do. how about that! just act like you'll join but join another

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