Why are men here so whipped and submissive and women are only ones giving useful opinions?

All guys do on here is agree and only women give useful variety of opinions and then they rant about feminism when all they do is agree lol I honestly thing this should be more like guysaskgirls. com


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  • I think this is true for a lot of guys, but there are clueless "man pleaser" chicks here too.

    • Lol I whole heartedly agree. That is totally right while they tell others to "man up" LOL

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    • I don't care, whiners are gonna disagree.

    • Yea apparently he downvoted most of the opinions too lol but yep

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  • I give shit to both genders... but a majority of women can't handle it and it gets deleted lol apperantly its okay to bash guys xD kinda sad

    • Yea but women give useful opinions too on here while all gjus do is just agree and sound like idiots thrmslebrs telling me to "man up". I asked questions here earlier if it was ok for someone woman in train to expect me to give her seat when I had bone problems and all these men bashed me to "man up" and women were ones that actually supported me so

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    • Then they're the ball less white knights that think they will get laid by saying what women want to hear
      People like that exist bro

    • Whyd they tell me to "man up" when they are "men" themselves then


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  • from my experience most guys on here they will disagree with a girl just for being a girl even if they actually do agree with her.

    • I was the one that asked questions about when some woman expected me to give her seat (I am gay and have bone problem) and then later told me to "man up" lol These men on here just told me to that they agree with that woman? And women were ones that told me how she was wrong and they only sounded like ones who are helping instead of telling me to "man up" like these guys

    • if you have a bone problem you should have told her that and I'm sure she wouldn't have pressed the issue any further.

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  • Just look through my previous posts on shit, and eat your words... :D

    • I am talking about "most" They'd rather just agree than to give valid opinions. Wth I asked a question about how some woman expected me to give me her seat (I am gay and have bone problems) Most women just told me it was wrong on her part and stuff but guys just told me I should "man up"? When they all aren't clearly " Manning up" themselves lol

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    • It was about if Woman in situation was right to expect me to leave seat for her on train, I mentioned how I had bone problems and "men" on here still told me to just man up and it was right of her but women actually supported me

    • Can't remember answering it even haha

      But yeah, that's your fuckin' seat. Tell a bitch to fuck off. :D

  • not necessarily fair to use sweeping statements for this, but if you aren't happy with the community here maybe you shouldn't use this site.

    • I actually only get useful opinions from women and if you don't like me raising my voice, just don't give one

    • alright okay, well, i'd like to say, both genders seem alright to me on this site, you just get a variety of them, and sometimes you get a huge clump of negative or positive opinions