She's suicidal?

So, I'm more of an Internet friend than actual friend type of person. I talked with this 15 yr old British South African girl and we actually get along really well. We do have a lot in common and our views things are the same. But, last Saturday, she told me that she was ugly and fat. She proceed on by sending pictures of her stomach, legs, and arms saying it was fat. It was really skinny and I wonder how she doesn't see that. I told her that she wasn't fat nor ugly, but she kept saying that it is true. She knows that I care about her well being. Later through the conversation, she stopped texting. I was confused then I waited til the next day and she said she was overdosing on pills. I was so surprise she went that far to do it. I asked her why she's doing that to herself. She replied back by saying uh because. I know there was a deeper meaning. I looked up her other Instagram which I think she was hinting me to look at. I saw depressing pictures and cuts on her body parts. Her captions was so insane. I noticed that she starting to text less than usual. She stopped texting me up as 1:50 am. And never text when I get home or during school as usual. The longest we talked was about 15 minutes than the usual 1-2 hours about randomness. She seems to just sucked life out of the old her. I get getting these feelings that something bad is about to happen and I need to stop her soon as possible. I tried helping her and giving her different things to release her problems, but she says it doesn't work. I don't know why she's acting like this because she said she was expelled from school for an incident and she gets a whole bunch of compliments. But, I can't put my finger on why she randomly acts like this. Any help or support?


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  • She should ask for professional help. It's gone too far. Maybe it will be easier for her if you told her a similar story to her's that happened to you or someone you know. There is this site about people who want to commit suicide, they help you should send it to her.


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  • You don't live next to her? A friend like on this site for instance?

    At any rate send her this pic and see when body she thinks she has.

    • Sometimes people are just stubborn as crap. It takes a in person conversation from a good friend to kick people out of that crap, BUT dont keep trying.