Have you ever driven a Kia Soul?

My Crown Victoria was rear ended a couple of weeks ago. When I got to the body shop, the rental agency only had two cars available. One was a black Chrysler 300 that someone had smoked in, and the other was an ugly lime green Kia Soul. Since I'm allergic to smoke, I reluctantly chose the Kia. I can't tell you how much I hate driving that thing. Maybe I was just spoiled by driving a large sedan, but the side and rear visability is horrible, all the dials and readouts are in red which make them impossisble for me to see while wearing sunglasses, and it just doesn't feel very stable on the road. I just got a call informing me my car is ready and can't wait to get out of this monstrsity of a car. Anyone else have negative (or positive) experiences with Kia Souls? I went to Google and typed "Why are Kias" and nothing positive was suggested. So I thought I'd ask here.


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  • No I can't say I have!


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  • It was a car made for people who care more about trying to be "individuals" and "free-spirits", than actually driving.

    You know what a proper car has?
    A big V8 engine, RWD, and a manual transmission. Shame that's such a rarity in the US nowadays. I would kill to own a Chevelle.

    • That's why I drive Crown Victorias exclusively, but I do like my automatic transmissioin. It's a shame Ford quit making them. My 2010 will likely be the last I'll be able to get.

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