When did you have your last "mini heart attack" over nothing?

girls will never know the little heart attack a guy has when his leg hair moves and it feels like something is crawling up his lag! o. o


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  • Ha what about when your lying in bed and the lights are off and you think it's just a tickle on your foot so you bend down to scratch it and it's actually a huge ass spider crawling across your foot. That's when you should have a heart attack.

    • Ahh now I'm gonna feel phantom tickles all night >.<

    • @snowangle I know it took me a month to get over that. Every time I felt something I would throw the covers off of me and jump out of bed. Lets just say I didn't get a good night's sleep for at least a week. FUCK SPIDERS!!

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  • 😢 I thought I was in sleep paralysis but I was just dreaming I was