Differences between American and European men and women?

In your own experience what is different between American and European men and or women?


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  • In what ways? Looks? Or personality/mentality?
    Also, please note that Europe is a big continent with over 50 different and independent countries. So while there might be some common features, there also exists quite a lot of cultural variation. Like you have different cultural regions in the US such as the New England States, the deep south, the midwest, the west coast etc., we have that in Europe too. For example continental Europe can be quite different from the UK in some things. And perhaps even more importantly, western Europe and eastern/Slavic Europe can in some ways be very different. The most important cultural regions are probably the UK (plus Ireland), southern Europe (most notably Greece, Italy and Spain), central Europe (all the German speaking countries plus France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland) plus possibly the Baltic states or at least Estonia), eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine etc.), the Balkan (Albania, Yugoslavia, Serbia etc.) and, depending on whether you count this region as European or not, also the Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan). We all speak different languages, have different mentalities and in some cases, even the original ethnicities differ. So it really depends on what you focus.

  • I only know American, British and French, really. I did have one Dutch Girlfriend and an Irish one but they were very like the British.

    From an American POV the most noticeable thing about British women is they have much lower expectations from a relationship. A man is just a thing in their life like a car or a house, it serves it's function and they don't expect it to be a fix for all their problems. If it does what it is supposed to do they are satisfied with it.

    I don't have as much experience with French women but they seem to like drama, not necessarily in a bad way, just for life to be a narrative.

    British men, near as I could figure really only have girlfriends so there will be someone to drive them home from the pub when they've had too much to drink. This may be why British women have such low expectations.

    French men are very romantic and also unabashed about cheating, this supplies lots of drama, as you can imagine.


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  • Dress sense, attitudes, Americans are loud Europeans are more sophisticated or should i say Free but subtle.