What does صراع داخلي mean?

asked this girl what was wrong and she responded "صراع داخلي" and i dont trust google translate and she isn't telling me what it means and is telling me 2 let it go so what does it mean?


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  • It means "Internal struggle". This is Arabic and Arabic is my first language. I can always translate this stuff for you.

    • thank you! so she must b saying that she's thinking about to much stuff then n is battling something i guess. once i can give mho ill give it to u :).

    • Yeah, or if she can't decide between multiple options. This expression can have many different meanings depending on context but the most common one is what we call in the west "mind vs heart" so, "Internal Struggle" is usually related to a situation similar to this.

      Thanks in advance for the MHO! :)


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