Is this a good plan?

I have enough credits for me to pretty much finish my degree with only one course, (but I'm staying till the summer to pad my GPA).

I wanted to do a triple major, (even though I can only declare one). I go to a second tier business school, and think this will stand out because very few students can probably claim that they are doing so. I would think it would look good on a consulting application or even an MBA one.

Not to say that it would be something so amazing that it would get me in, but I'm going to be taking those courses, why not at least specialize.


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  • wow in speechless, as someone who sucked at school i wish i could have went as fare as you have and accomplished as much as you have. i think you are doing it right and you have a good plan.


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  • If you can do it, why not? It's for you.