Will all Netflix shows be available in all countries?

I'm basically dancing with joy because Netflix is finnally in my country. But I live in Turkey-will I miss out on major shows?


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  • You will miss out on some, and win out on others. I was in Mexico last year, I tried out netflix, and Better Call Saul was already on there. In the US, it's not. Basically, if there is no other entity holding the broadcasting rights to a show, in your country, there's a better chance that netflix will have it.


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  • Probably not. Netflix has to pay all sorts of royalties on the shows they rebroadcast. So on the U. S. there is a show from the 80's called The Wonder Years set in 1960's. it took Netflix years to sort out issues with royalties as every episode has like five songs by different artists they would have to pay. They finally just started cutting the music out of some shows.

    I imagine there is similar red tape for any new market they enter. They have to comply with local regulation which varies by country. It will be a slow rolling out I would guess.

    • fuuuuck. This country is Muslim. Does that meant I can't get Queer as Folk?

    • You can call Netflix if you care to pay for an international call. Their number is at the bottom of their website page. To be honest I'm not completely sure how that kind of filtering works. Netflix is streaming so I don't understand by what mechanism you are unable to access the site and content.

      I know China blocks content but I don't think Turkey does. I know he Netflix in the UK is different from that of the U. S.

      If they have to negotiate with your government to gain access to the market I'm sure there were a certain set of unique guidelines they agreed to follow.


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  • Some of the content might be blocked or filtered depending on your country.

    Like the show Merlin, filtered in Italy for religious reasons :p

    • Yes ^ this I guess. I can't imagine my government posing such restrictions so it is a hard question to answer. Even if you call Netflix they won't be able to tell you over the phone but may be able to check on it and get back to you. Or they may not wish to discuss to parameters of the deal at all as part of the deal.

  • no. netflix is not in all countries.

  • Oh its coming to Turkey now? Last year I couldn't use Netflix there but I'm coming back this summer :)


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