Brit looking to move to america?

I need help picking a city to live in, I don't wanna go deep south, preferably somewhere liberal. Any reconmendations or information you can give me about specific cities?

I'm a trainee accountant by the way


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  • Hey I am an accountant as well! Although not a liberal, super conservative actually. Even though the average Brit is more liberal though I still like you guys so I'll help you out haha. If you want to move somewhere unique I would recommend Boston or Philadelphia. If you are really concerned about politics then you will find Boston more liberal and therefore to your liking. Generally though any city in the US will have a lot of minorities, and minorities usually vote democratic so most cities will be liberal. As for accounting jobs they are just about anywhere, I know I have zero problem finding work in the accounting field. One of my buddies is a foreigner (from Korea) and he is also an accountant but he has a little more trouble finding jobs. I'm not sure if its because of the paperwork involved in hiring a foreigner, or because his English isn't very good, but with you your English won't be a problem so you should be better off as far as foreign accountants are concerned. So definitely would recommend Philly or Boston. Both cities have a lot of history, there is a lot to do in the downtown areas, and rent isn't nearly as crazy as it would be in New York, San Francisco, or Chicago.

    May I ask why you want to move to America, just out of curiosity?

    • Well we are a lot more liberal but I was just worried about moving somewhere my lack of faith and liberal views might rub someone up the wrong way but thanks for the help mate. Out of curiosity are you a CPA, I was wondering if I would have to take CPA because by the time I move I will have completed ACCA which is the most recognized accountancy qualifications in the world and holds accountants to the highest standard in the world so I was hoping I might not have too. As for why I wanna move to the US, I just fancy a change, we all grow up watching Americans movies so moving to the US is kinda the dream, well expect for the private healthcare and Gun stuff hahaha

    • Haha, ya some Europeans aren't too fond of our guns and lack of healthcare but I haven't found them to be too troubling. In most cases your employer will provide healthcare anyway, so you will be good in that regard, and you dont see guns as often as people would make you believe. Most people that have guns leave them in their homes just for protection, or because they like to hunt or enjoy recreational shooting, so you will rarely (if ever) see them being carried around. And yes I am studying for the CPA exam right now, its freaking hard haha. I dont know too much about ACCA or international accounting requirements but for most local US firms you will probably need a CPA, it will help tremendously with getting a job, and you will enjoy a slightly higher salary. If you work for a big 4 firm or larger international firm you could probably get away with your ACCA, but regional firms in the US will almost definitely require a CPA since they dont do work overseas.

    • And good to hear that you want to come here. The US is definitely an interesting place, I dont have too much experience overseas but from what I have seen its pretty different here then anywhere else. Someways thats better (we have a lot more freedom to do what we want, the government isn't as controlling, we have a tons of entertainment options (movies, music, TV, video games, most of it produced in the US)), and someways we aren't so good (our food is terrible for you (although delicious), Americans tend to be very loud and outspoken, we have more crime then Western Europe, and some things we do Europeans just find strange haha). Either way though there are a lot of opportunities here for accountants, and since its fairly rare to meet Europeans (at least where I am from all the internationals are Chinese and Hispanic) its pretty cool when you do meet one.


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  • New York City or Albany in New York State.
    In New England, either Boston Massachussets or Providence Rhode Island. Otherwise, Washington DC. Philadelphia not so much. Austin Texas is good too perhaps.
    However, if you really want another great liberal experience, San Francisco California...
    Really, the two best cities for liberals are New York City or San Francisco.

    • Being an accountant, consider New York City since it is the home of most businesses and Wall Street. However, you may have to get re-certified to be a CPA in the USA.

    • Is it possible to get an accounting job in the US without a CPA as I will be fully qualified to work anywhere else in the world?

    • Chances are it is fine because I suspect that GAAP is applied worldwide. I don't know though because I am not an accountant...

  • What job or industry are you seeking?

    • I'm a Trainee accountant

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    • So I'll have to learn to drive then hahaha

    • I recommend driving in the States.

  • Really anywhere in the west coast, New York, Oregon, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood California, etc places like that are full of liberals. Do learn to drive though, taxi's are expensive.

  • Idaho would be the perfect place.

  • I grew up in Torrington, it's nice

  • Miami, New York, Boston, LA.