How many times do you rinse your clothes before adding the softener? And which brand of softener do you use to make your clothes smell like paradise?

Thanks for your response :-)

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  • Don't use it. I just throw my clothes in the washing machine with washing powder and then hang them up to dry and throw them on my clean clothes pile unless it's button up shirts and trousers, then I hang them up in the closet and iron them before wearing if needed.

    My clothes pretty much just smell the same as my deodorant because I spray myself with it when I get dressed and throughout the day if its getting hot.


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  • I don't add softener later, I add it alongwith the clothes when I put them in the machine and that's how the machine works according to the manufacturers :)

    I use a brand called 'Comfort'

    • Thank you dear girl for the up vote :) <3

    • This is what I have always wanted to do also.
      But the instructions on the labels always say to add in the softeners during the final rinse :(

    • I use a fully automated one (always preferred those) where you dump and add up everything and the machine does the rest :D

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