Risk of pregnancy?

Yesterday I was messing with my boyfriend and yeah one thing led to another and we started making out. I took of all my clothes but he still had his underwear. In the act we often rubbed our genitals against each other (he had his underpants but I was completely naked). Also yesterday was the day of my ovulation and now I'm worried that i could be pregnant. Is it possible? I've heard that it can happen this way and since it was my ovulation could it be too late for plan b?


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  • As long as semen didn't go inside your vagina then you're fine!


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  • No, it's not possible at all.
    He did not ejaculate inside of you.
    Please, don't let your fear or paranoia get the best of you.
    Just love yesterday for what it was.
    You have nothing to worry about!


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