Why Do Single Moms Get Offended When Men Don't Want To Date Them?

I'm 25 years old, and I dedicate my life to fulfilling my goals and becoming financially stable... BEFORE I decide to become a father. As such, the earliest time I would even consider having a kid is age 30. Anyway... it seems like in this society, it is no longer "uncommon" or "shocking" to see a single mom between the ages of 18-23... let alone a single mom in that age range with at least 2 kids.

It's funny... when I meet women, they seem to hide their kid from me or they get offended when I don't want to see them anymore because they have a kid.

When I go on dating sites (such as Tinder)... women make it a point to put in their profile that men who don't like single moms need to f*ck off (this is literally what they say in their profile).

How is a guy wrong for not wanting to date you for having a kid or 2 or 3?


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  • I know, it's dumb. Dads do it too. Acting like you're a terrible person for not wanting to take on and support some random kid. That kid might be the world to them, but to everybody else in the world, it's just a kid.


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  • I don't think it is wrong for a guy who doesn't want to support another man's child.


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  • You can choose not to date them. It's not wrong not to want to. Kids are a big deal and will affect tou if you decide to bw with the women long term, no matter how much people try to down play this.

  • For every single mom there is a single dad
    They did not make those kids by themselves
    So I'm pretty sure there are 18-23 year old man walking around who are single fathers

  • It's not wrong. Who ever said it was wrong?

    • Single moms say it's wrong. Like... they get seriously mad, offended and upset when so many guys don't want to date them or stop seeing them because they have kids.

    • I get it's frustrating for them. I don't know I don't plan to be a single mom.

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