Have you ever been discriminated against based on your race, gender, or religion?

I had an Asian freind years back who threw a party that was "asain only" and wouldn't let anyone else who go to it. He also talks about how he hates black people all the time and makes fun of me for being white. my brother got beat up behind his school by brown guys for no real reason, they didn't even go to his school. this was in Canada by the way

Have you ever been discriminated against based on your race, gender, or religion? Racism is wrong...


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  • Your friend is a dick and a big one at that. How can you be friends of someone who makes fun of your skin colour? Tell him to fuck off and go play with his Asian friends. Racism will exist all day long because it's an easy thing to do - we aim to try and understand differences but generally we are not very good at it because it means we will have to admit something within ourselves and that is that we don't like something about someone or their culture. We can only do it en masse and get a group of people to dislike something and then it snowballs. At the moment, I can't think of a time when I have been or feel I have been discriminated against because I am a woman, white, or Catholic.


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  • Yup, I was discriminated very badly, mainly because I'm an Indian, and Indian men have the worst reputation around the world. Have been told so often, whenever I posted a question, something like "What else do you except? You're in Indian". Then some girls had posted "Aren't you Indian men rapists? How many women have you raped already?" and also, sometimes "Ewww, are you one of those Indian guys who smell like curry?"

    P. S. I am referring only to what i have faced online.


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  • I get discriminated against for my gender all the time.

    *GASP!* It's 2016 of course sexism doesn't exist, right? Oh God it's another feminist! Typical woman, getting her panties in a bunch about sexism! Yada yada yada, pipe down, child.

    I am in a field (of my choosing so I am not really complaining, just observing so hush) where the fact that I am a woman brings about a lot of judgement and condescension from the people I deal with.

    I work security (yes, cute, adorable, tiny old me does security), and when I go on a call I'd get things like, "Ugh, why did you send a chick? I want a man to handle this." or "You're a girl; you can't do anything about it," and I get a lot of rape threats and sexist comments from the people I handle.

    But I can handle them and myself. My size is offputting. They don't expect me to be able to win in an altercation with them. But I do.

    So... yeah, I get discriminated against. But, like I said, it's at work and in my field, that's expected. But I don't really experience blatant gender related discrimination when I'm in civilian clothes. But when you're in an authority position and you're a woman (especially one my size) you deal with the sexism every day.

  • Yes, I've been discriminated against, but I keep going. People are going to hate me whether it's because of my skin color, my personality, my achievements, whatever. It's wrong, but I don't have time to care.


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  • Yes, I have been discriminated based on my ethnicity. I'm white and I was discriminated pretty badly once in east Asia. It's an experience that was a bit traumatizing... it still haunts me a little today. But it was also very helpful to understand racism not just from a theoretic perspective (as most white people do) but also in reality, first-hand. I felt what it feels like to be discriminated and how absolutely terrible it feels to be faced with hatred for something that is not your fault and that you can't even influence or change... so in that sense it was also "interesting" I guess.

  • Whites get discriminated all the time in South Africa. I've lost jobs and opportunities based purely on my skin colour.

  • No, I haven't because racially and gender wise as a white male I am privileged. Which is disappointing, considering everyone should get a fair shake.