Guitar question... why do my bottom 2 strings sound different?

so I'm playing guitar & it;s a cheap no brand stratocaster & the thinnest 2 strings sound super different than all the other strings... why is that? is it cause I play the strings slowly?

I think i fixed it, I moved the guitar action a little bit lower on all strings & I noticed at the height of each string was much different than what I put it to now


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  • Because they are not tuned? Bummer ! Use the G string , to tune the b string and use the tuned b string to tune the e string.

    • everything's tuned perfectly, the notes of each fret sound as the should but I don't know why they sound weird... like for example I see hendrix & SRV play their licks on the guitar & then I play (but I play it slower cause I can't play too fast & it doesn't sound the same). do notes sound different in licks played at different speeds?

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    • I think it's what some people call intonation... they sounded different on the frets closest to the pickups...

      picture this: looking at my bridge the strings from the low E to the high E were like a mountain in terms of action height. but I lowered the action on some strings & I noticed that they sound different... do you think that had any difference?

    • I'm not expecting the same sound what I meant was that I noticed that playing the same licks, some notes rang out different than what they should have


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  • Perhaps it's not tuned

    • tuned perfectly! quadruple checked...

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  • Are you sure they're in tune? Are you sure the intonation is correct?

  • The thinnest 2 strings are suppose to sound different, that's how they made. Do you mean that they are way out of tune?

    • hmmm not out of tune but when I'm soloing, with or with the amp & effects, I feel like they sound weird? like for example I'll play in the key of Em & I'm doing a lick that's like 7,9,7 on the G then go down 7 on the B & vibrato on the 7 of the G & I feel that it sounds weird... maybe it's cause I can't play super fast?

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    • No, notes should not sound different when played at different speed. I will assume that you did tune your guitar properly. Since your guitar is no-brand, it might be that your guitar is suffering from intonation problem.

    • hmmm yeah... how do I fix intonation? raise or lower the action on some strings?