Do you think it's okay for a 32 year and still asking money from parents?

Well, I reached 32 this man (Happy birthday, to me). There are plenty of times that I don't act my age and don't feel quite dependant, especially finanacially. I'm still trying working hard to find work and rely on myself but things are really hard and still ask money from my parent even in this age. I'm very appreciative but at the same time, I want to make my own money and whatnot... this is where acting not my age is coming from. I'm living by myself is one step but financially, I'm still not that dependant and hopefully, I'll find a good job that makes me fully dependant.

Do you think there are men in their thirties are still dependant on their parents when it comes to money?


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  • If it's once in awhile and it costs less for them if you were living with them, it's okay. If it's every month and costs them more than if you were living with them, you need to make big changes.

    • Yeah, I've been working on that ever since I left their place and went all the way to Vancouver, Canada but I haven't had the luck to find a job no matter how much I tried. So, there's the willingness from me that I want to rely financially on myself. Thanks for the response, anyway.

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    • Preferably, anything that to do with Graphic Design, Illustration, Photoshop, Video editing etc... But if that didn't work for the time being. I'm willing to work on anything except for any kitchen work. I found several jobs in those but didn't work out well for me.

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  • I'm almost 30, but I still occasionally borrow money from mom. I have been out of a job now for a couple of months (I intentionally quit my job, because I'm moving permanently to a different country and I need to wind things up here). Until I get a new job in the new country, I have no choice but to borrow money from mom. I do, of course, plan to return the money to her later.

  • this might not be a kind way of putting it but here it goes
    by your age you should have all gotten your act together and found a to support yourself. and i feel your parents are not doing you any favors by giving you money. if you keep depending on them how will you survive after there gone. i can see asking someone for help if something unforeseen happens like you lose a job or hurt. but you should have to pay it back.

    • Thanks for the reply. This is something I'm actually trying to do but it's just isn't as easier for me because I've tried to find work but for some reason, it isn't working. I found couple of kitchen type of work but that didn't work out with me. I'm not giving up. That's the reason I left home and traveled to Vancouver to be able figure out a way to be dependent on myself, financially. Anyway, thanks for replying again.