Should I ask my counselor?

I've learned that colleges are most likely gonna accept people who took honors and AP. I never taken honors and thought it's about time isn't it? I have two years left till graduation


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What Guys Said 2

  • didn't take a single 1 honors or ap and got into some pretty good schools. high school teachers and counselors just do that as a scare tactic.

  • I never took any of those in high school. Still got in to college

    • Depending what college.

    • Well yeah that's all discretionary. You need to figure out what college. If your looking at an ivy league school like Harvard. You probably will have to take them. What I woukd do is talk to your counselor and see what your state university requires for accepting into their college

What Girls Said 1

  • Take honors classes. AP might be hard, depending on the subject , but definitely do honors classes. They are pretty easy.

    • Honors is just extra work I don't think there's a difference. So do I talk to my councelor?

    • Honors makes you look like you are pretty smart to colleges. Honors classes are not even that hard. I took all honors classes. You would have to talk to your counselor. Ask them about honors classes and tell them that you have been interested in them.

    • I think it's too late to change classes.