How do you know if your a gambling addict?

i try to deny that i am but i think that i am, i mean its only sometimes on the slot machines in pubs and a scrach card every other day and it's not like i spend more than a couple of quid on a slot machine until i give up or spend over a fiver on scratch cards but what if that enough to be an addict or at least the start of it.

i never buy a scatch card or go on the slots when im short of money, its usually when I've just got paid and i do these not really for the money but for the rush of it or at least thats what i tell myself.

i mean i spend at most a tenner a week on scrach cards and i rarely go on slots unless im in a pub which is rarely, when i win on a scrach card its cool and when i lose i don't make a big deal out of it but still.

plus thats still like 40 maybe 50 quid from the month gone from my wages already, what do you think?


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  • If you're spending money that you need for other things, you have a problem.
    If you expect to win, you have a problem.
    Do you necessarily have a problem from the information you've given? Nah.
    I still wouldn't recommend as a pasttime, just because it seems wasteful AND boring, but if you find it fun that's fine I guess.


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  • If you persistently gamble expecting to win, then you're likely addicted to gambling.

    Gambling is a losing proposition. Study the odds. Even you aren't convinced, then you have a major problem.

  • You only have a gambling problem if you lose.

    • doesn't everyone lose once in awhile

  • If you gamble you are an addict

  • I use to waste a grand a week before I disided to quit gambling

    • damn so compared to you, what i do is barely gambling then

    • But so times a also waked out 5000 to 10000 dollar up though