Am I being bullied what should I do?

Well at school today a girl kept pushing me and stuff so I got mad and called her a name. (shes a 6th grader and im a 7th grader) So she grabbed my hair I have super long hair so its easy to grab and she used it to pull me down to the ground. Then she smacked me on the back of my head. This has happened multiple times and so by this time I was SO fed up with it when she eventually let me go I smacked her and ran into my class because there was a teacher there so I knew she wouldn't hurt me. She always says things like "i wanna run you over with a bus" But she just laughs like she's kidding. But she just says she's joking around so I dont think it bullying. And I do end up calling her names sometimes I know thats kind of bad but in the moment I get so pissed off. Other kids at school call me names and stuff too but they just play it off like there joking. And keep in mind its a really small school so Im kinda forced to be friends with these people otherwise id have no friends. one time i was in so much pain I considered telling a teacher but teachers tend to like her so they might not believe me and shell say something like "oh i barely touched you" And shell tell them the names i called her and stuff. (which I already know I shouldn't have done but I was just trying to stand up for myself) But what should I do? I love this school its more fun then other schools so i dont wanna change schools and if I do id have to tell my mom and I know shed tell the principal and theyd talk to both of us and shed probably make things up that I didn't do and the principal would believe her so I just dont know what to do.


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  • you are being bullied. don't let her treat you like that. If she tried to hurt you, hurt her more. that will teach her a lesson. And don't ever feel bad about it.

  • If a girl grabbed my hair and pulled me to the ground, I'd snatch chick down by her hair too, and punch her teeth right out. No one should put their hands on you. She'll learn and stop.

  • I consider it bullying and think that you definetly should tell an authority figure about it like your parents or teachers.