Will my stretched ears close overnight?

I stretched my ears they've been stretched since I was in 8th grade but now its just a bigger gauge I'm at a size 0g I lost one of my tunnel gauges and I don't know if my ears will close overnight please let me know I like having my ears stretched and I don't want to have to start stretching again at a smaller size gauge, thanks :)


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  • I'm not too sure about the sizes, but I highly doubt it'd close overnight. I had my ears pierced long ago and the one earring got almost fully ripped out. I took both out (and these weren't gauges, of course), and it took a while for those to close up.

  • At 0g, not likely. I was at 7/16 before I took mine out. I could still put a 0 in if I wanted. They never fully closed. But, make sure if you wake up to switch sides until you get a new one.

  • It may shrink a little, but at a 0g the chances of it closing completely are zero to none..

    • Thanks, I couldn't find anything on google about lobes shrinking over night and this was helpful. :)

    • No problem. Being that you are at a 0g, depending on how well you've taken care of them they should barely shrink at all.

    • Yeah, that's good news I clean them almost everyday cause I don't want them to be all gross and stuff