For people who have been to Japan. What's it like there?

For people who have been to Japan, could you tell me anything you know.
What are some funny/happy moments you have been through?
What have been some struggles about Japan?
How does the post system work?
I would also like to PM someone who has been to Japan :)


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  • Oh I remember passing this group of guys in Tokyo and one of them turned around and said "きれいな" to me, which means "pretty" but for some reason I got it confused with "きもい" which means "ugly" so I gave them the finger and they just looked at me totally startled omg I just noticed what I had done after I told it to my friend who explained that I confused the words much later!
    Then another time I was at a park and this 5 year old boy gave me a flower because I "look like a princess" haha it was adorable and probably the cutest compliment I ever received. I don't know there were a lot of moments when random Japanese people made me really happy and also upset me but I have my friends there and I speak the language so I always felt really settled when I went there. I can kind of understand how the culture weirds some foreigners out though.

    • yeah :) that 5 year old though, soooo cute :D It must of been really cringe worthy about that word mix up thing :D Anyway one quick question do you know how the post works there? lol

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    • Oh you'll be fine just be prepared for them not to speak English so make sure you know the japanese to explain them what you want or take a friend who speaks japanese fluently. :)

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  • Some people have their lives already planned out for them
    at a very young age, by their parents (strict upbringing)

    We're almost supposed to follow our parents ways.

    Tourism and "lots" of people around !

    Foreigners gets special treatment, especially if blonde.

    Social status means quite a bit.

    I love the festivals though. ^.^

  • I imagine very jappenese

  • It's not like my Japanese animes.
    My life is a lie.

  • According to what little I've read and seen in movies, thay are very polite racists.

  • I have been to Japan. But like 10 years ago.. I don't think I can tell you anything useful now xD

    • well do you remember any funny or ad stories that happened over there?

  • Strict rules
    Society puts pressure on you to excel
    Be on time
    Can be quite traditional. Gender role and expectation is big.


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  • fashion and presentation in general is important.

    social pressure is intense but not for foreigners.