I know its nasty, but im super worried. My poo is black?

I know this is kinda nasty, but im really worried. So I Just noticed my poo is really dark/black, something that I have only experienced when I was taking Iron tablets.

I search the symphtoms up and it Seems like im bleeding someonewhere internally, around my stomach area.

The only thing that has changed is my diet, I started eating way more protein and vegtables as well as trying to drink more water.

And I remember last night while working I felt litt unexplainable discomfort around my stomach area.

Anyone experienced the same thing or someone who has an idea on what it can possibly be? by the way I Just noticed it this morning, it was normal color last night


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  • Pepto Bismol and other stomach treatments and can turn your stool black.

    • The only thing kind of tablets im taking is D vitamin

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  • It's probably the iron tablets. But if you are having continuing abdominal discomfort then get it checked out.

    • Im not taking Iron tablets

  • Go to a DOC ASAP"""

  • It's good to know that you always look at your poop. Dark or black poop usually means that you are bleeding internally. Taking Pepto-Bismol will also turn your poop black

    • I know, but its all good now. It became normal after 2-3 days so im assuming it was because of a very high Iron intake lately

    • Glad to hear your poop is brown again

  • you might have a bleeding ulcer and should be checked my a doctor


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