Why do people like the iPhone camera so much?

It's only 12mp. Meanwhile other brands have 20mp; literally almost twice as good


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  • But how much do you really need? Most pictures are going to be viewed on smartphones or computer screens these days anyway, so unless you're planning on high quality large prints, what's the point? I'm not an electronics or camera expert by any means, but I think a few megapixle resolution is really all that's needed unless you're using it for professional / print photography. 12mp and built into a cell phone is pretty amazing.

    • Yeah 12 is amazing but twenty is even more amazing

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    • Prius drivers?

    • Lol ok you have a point


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  • Image quality is not dependent on Megapixels alone. I have noticed that iPhones do provide better images sometimes than 20 MP cameras, although I personally haven't used an iPhone.

    • How can you say this if you've never even used one? Also I realise it's not solely dependant on megapixels but it's pretty much equal or beaten in the majority of categories

    • I haven't used an iPhone myself, but I have had a look at the image quality of photos taken by an iPhone, though my friends, acquaintances, co-workers etc.

  • Megapixels does not equate to quality.

  • I like Android better. Just got the S6