If bill gates gave you his fortune?

If bill gates decided to give you all of his $85 Billion fortune out of ransom, what would you do with it, also what would be the VERY first thing you would do as soon as you got it in the bank?


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  • Hire an "academic" financial manager and make my investment goals clear. Then I'd change my mission in life to using that money to make the world a better place through charitable donations, just like Bill did.


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  • Very first thing I would do? Very good question. What would my first action be after depositing $85 billion in the bank?

    Probably go get some lunch. Give the waitress a $500 tip. :)

    After that, I'd just pay off all my debt, my parents' debt, tuition for my boyfriend's school, tuition for my own schooling, buy a modest house, and adopt 15 dogs. Probably quit my jobs while I'm in school but resume working once I finish - even if just part time. Do some travelling and take up some hobbies. Just all the things that my money shortage is keeping me from doing.

    • Where would you work

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    • Lol I'd ask the host who the nicest server is. ;) The host always knows!

      And I don't know, I still don't even know what I want to study. It'd be something I'm passionate about though. Since I wouldn't need the income, I'd just do a job I love.

    • If you asked who the nicest one is you would still get placed with me haha. I also think if i had that money i wouldn't work because travelling the world will take up to much time.

  • Pay off taxes for my parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and my cousins who live alone
    I'd give cash so my cousin will have the best wedding ever
    I'd buy anything my family wants

  • I would go to therapy to get help


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  • Pay my way into Princeton or the University of Chicago and then proceed to live the life i have always wanted, one of modesty. Of course, after an early retirement o would buy a large island in the South Pacific, Croatia, Latin America, and other places and make them outposts of the old. The only electricity on the island would be used to power the few electronic devices available to those living in the 30's.

    Upon my death i would have the islands blown sky high so they dont become tourist places and i would then be encapsulated in a massive iron or heat resistant glass block where i would be dropped some random place in the world. Let themm discover me in 1000 years and wonder what i am...