At what point do I worry? Have you ever had this happen - someone not responding on their phone?

I've been dating a guy for a month or two. While we don't constantly talk, we do make a point to text each other good night each night. I hadn't heard from him all night and my good night text isn't being delivered on messenger. He hasn't been active since 8pm, which isn't normal for him. So then I texted to see if he's ok, but no response. But he could already be sleeping.

Have you ever had this happen? I'm starting to get a little worried even though I'm sure it will be a logical explanation and he'll be fine. .. what do you think?


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  • Just relax and wait a little, I am sure he will reply to you. He must be either sleeping or is busy doing something


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  • Wow dude you've only known this guy a month or so and you're freaking because he didn't retur. A text. Calm down let 72 hrs lass before you send out the search party. LOL

    • More worried that he is ok. Like I said we do this every day, so something is up.