How to stop thinking about something scary after watching it :( ?

I saw a video on the internet for a woman giving birth to her first baby and it was like she's dying or something. I was curious about it since i'm pregnant for the first time but that was really scary and horrible. I just can't stop thinking about it all the time and imagine it everyday before i sleep. I even regret getting pregnant but at the same time we're happy about it. The point is how do i stop thinking about it and remove it from my head because it's my worst nightmare for now.


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  • The most painful experience is thee most beautiful experience known to humanity.
    Giving birth to a new life is better than feeling agony for nothing.

    Thinking about it will only make it more painful. Just say to your self and repeat "It's almost over, it's almost over, it's almost over!!!".

    Also don't drink wine or rum, or that will confuse the birth process.


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  • Try to watch comedy movies and read books 😍😃 try to go out with your boyfriend and enjoy your day 😍😃 don't think of bad stuff cause everything's going to be ok 😍😍😃😃 also don't sit alone and hangout with your friends or family member 😃😃😃😃😃


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