Should I go to the doctor even if it Seems like things are getting better?

So on Tuesday while running I noticed this pressure kind of feeling in my abdomen , but I Just assumed that it was because i hadn't done that kind of exercises in a long time and because I though I was starting to get sick.

On Wednesday I noticed my feces was black which obviously indicated things aren't how they should be, so I searched it up and pretty much every source said im probarly bleeding in my stomach area.

So I obviously got worried and tried finding other sources and found out that one plausable reason is a very high Iron intake. Which made sense since I had Been consuming a lot of high protein and iron products for the last week.

Today my poo was dark brown, so it Seems like its getting back to normal. Should I get it checked Anyway?


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  • if you have insurance, why the fuck not? :P

    • I dont know if I do, I dont need it to get treated Anyway

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  • The appointment is just a follow up one.

    If you feel there is no major concern then cancel it.


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  • Take a picture of your poo for your dr. I assume that your poop is normally dark? If it is really dark it could mean that you have some bleeding inside


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  • Dont panic, Go seek a dr. There are a lot of opinions and results on the net. You shouldn't base it off the net. It could just be iron intake or something worse. You could moniter it for a few days but I recommend you go see the doctor